Open Sea Sailing Training

Open Sea Sailing Training

"The shortest way to reach your dreams"

Training Objectives : 
Open Sea Sail Training aims to provide theoretical and practical training that you need in open sea such as cruising with boat at long-term journeys and night sea survival course etc. During the training, you will learn living in a sailing boat and adapting to nature. 

Training Time : 
3 hours of theory + 18 hours of practical = 21 hours 
(Open sea training is done with 1 night and 2 days accomodation. ) 

Training Location : 
İstanbul - Kalamış Marina - Islands - Trilye 

Training Content : 
• Advanced navigation and knowledge of navigation 
• Basic first aid techniques 
• Mooring techniques 
•Survival techniques on a sailing boat 
• Advanced motor knowledge 
• Advanced steering wheel knowledge 
• Advanced theoretical meteorology 
• Night cruise 

Boat Model :
X – Yacht IMX 38