Advanced Sailing Training

Advanced Sailing Training

"The shortest way to reach your dreams"

Training Objectives : 
Advanced SailingTraining is a training which leads your sail knowledge to a higher level. You will have the knowledge of advanced navigation, advanced level of sailing trimming and theory etc. After the training, you will be able to use a boat at maximum speed and you will be taking your first step to become an experienced sailor. 

Training Time : 
3 hours of theory + 12 hours of practical training = 15 hours 
(Each course period lasts 3 hours) 

Training Location : 
İstanbul - Kalamış Marina

Training Content : 
• Man overboard training
• Advanced Theoretical Sailing
•The introduction of all types of sailing
• Advanced sail trimming 
• Advanced Maneuver and Navigation training
• Berthing and departuring training
• Sail selection according to weather condition 

Boat Model :
Beneteau Platu 25 ( One Design )